Mass panic at Long Island mall

Mall shopper head to exits

Garden City, NY – A fight in the food court caused mass panic among shoppers at the Roosevelt Field mall on Saturday.

The Nassau County police tells The Associated Press that officers responded to a fight at the mall and that no injuries were reported.

rooseveltFieldMall_reporterFox5 NY reports that the mall continued to stay open after a brawl that happened around 7:30 p.m. A fight got out of hand and no shots were fired.

Shoppers rushed for the exits fearing that the fight would turn into something more sinister. Cell phone footage shows shoppers running and screaming shortly after the fist-fight took place. One shopper said that “when the chairs fell over, people thought that they were gunshots”.


Some shoppers feared that a shooting took place because of a recent shooting at a Tonneau store in the mall. In that incident, a security guard was shot during an attempted robbery. Someone was arrested this past Tuesday for that shooting.