Diona Reasonover is now a regular on NCIS

diona-Reasonover on ncis
diona-Reasonover cast permanently on ncis

Abby’s replacement on the hit drama has now received the role full-time. The CBS show will be in its’ 16th season.

Diona Reasonover first guest starred on the show in the 15th season for three episodes. She is replacing Pauley Perreette, who played Abby, as the forensic scientist on the show.

Reasonover is a Detroit native and was a member of the Mosaic Youth Theatre. She has been on other shows including 2 Broke Girls, Grace and Frankie, Superstore and Girl Meets World.

On NCIS, Reasonover will play the character of Kasie Hines. Check her out when the show returns on Sept. 25.

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