Man steals his dates’ car and then goes out with another woman

Shelby County Sheriff's Office - Kelton Griffin

A man didn’t enjoy the company of his date so he stole her car to spend his time with someone else reported WMC.

Kelton Griffin, 21, of Memphis, texted an old high school friend about going out on a date. She agreed but things started off on the wrong foot when he showed up to her house.

Instead of bringing a chariot to chauffeur his date around town, he asked her if she could drive. She agreed.

While on the date, Griffin asked her to stop by a gas station on Winchester Rd. and buy him a cigar to smoke on. While she was in the store, he drove off in her Volvo leaving her and his cigar behind.

She tried to get in contact with him through social media but he blocked her from messaging him.

Later in the evening, the victim received a text from her god-sister that Griffin showed up to her house and asked her out on a date. The victim then used the GPS on her god-sisters’ iPhone to track his location to a local drive-in movie theatre. She contacted the police with his location and his was found in the driver’s seat of stolen car.

Griffin was arrested and charged with theft of property.