Home invader sexually assaults and robs 95-year-old woman

Ophelia Outley
Ophelia Outley

Houston, TX – A woman returning to her bedroom from the kitchen encounters a stranger in her house who beat and sexually assaults her for a television reported FOX26.

The brutal crime happened around 11:00 p.m. on Martin Luther King Jr. day, 2016. The victim, 95-year-old Ophelia Outley, was home alone in her Sunnyside neighborhood house.

Ophelia Outley elderly army vet attacked
Ophelia Outley elderly army vet attacked

Her granddaughter Nicole Sherman said that Ophelia was in the kitchen and then was returning to her bedroom.

Ophelia told KHOU.com in a hospital bed interview that the man dismantled her bedroom window air conditioner to break-in.

When the intruder saw Ophelia, he went after her. She asked him “What do you want? How’d you get into this house”?

He responded, “I want money. I just want money. I just want money.”

He knocked her to the ground, where she was found the next day by her relatives.

“They grabbed her, twisted her arm, broke her shoulder, put her on the floor and tried to cover her head and, in the process, gave her a black eye and busted lip,” said Sherman.

Her underwear was also removed during the attack.

The family said that there grandmother is a strong woman.

When asked if she was afraid to return home she responded “Yes I am, but I will go”.

The Sunnyside neighborhood has come together in search for the piece of shit suspect.

The family is also working the New Black Panther Nation in search for justice, but true justice won’t happen in a court room.

If you have any information about the attack on the beautiful World War II vet, contact Houston police.